“i dream of painting, and then i paint my dream."
vincent van gough

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Art in Exile

6pm - 10pm

Coral Gables Museum

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Art in Exile

A group exhibition featuring Artists from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and Trinidad. 

6pm - 10pm

Coral Gables Museum

About Me

My Background


    Since an early age, I showed my love of drawing by spending most of my free time sketching mainly faces and figures from memory. After an engineering career, emigrating to the United States, establishing a successful business venture and raising my children, it was time to commit to my longtime life passion. I then started then a never-ending journey of artistic development studying with local private teachers, attending workshops with contemporary masters both in Europe (including Florence, Italy, I attended summer sessions at both Angel Academy and Florence Academy) also, in North America as well, plus avidly experimenting and learning on my own, through numerous videos and art books. 

Always fascinated by the complexity of expression and emotion in the human figure, it was no wonder I followed with certainty the realistic and classical approach, focusing my work on portrait and Figure Painting. Within this scope, one of my favorite subjects is the colorful fruit selling ladies of African origin, called “Palenqueras,” that circulate in the coastal city of Cartagena, which I was so close to during my infancy. These hard-working women, often photographed by tourists, roam the city selling their sweets and fruit salads. I feel drawn to their stunning colorful dresses, jewelry, and sparkle, their tired expression but natural smiles in spite of generations of poverty.

My Medium


  I work mostly with oils, as I am fascinated by the ample possibilities in colors and textures. 

However, I love the drama of charcoal  and the delicacy of graphite drawings.

My Inspiration


 Children with their innocent expressions, women in colorful dressings, and beautiful landscapes are a contact source of inspiration for me. 


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